Repeat - Campaign “Flow Control” settings

The Cloze Campaigns feature is included as part of the Cloze Business Platinum Plan

There are several types of flow control options that can be automated with a Campaign. For example, a Campaign could use a flow control to change the Stage to Lost at the end of a lead nurture campaign that has had no response.

Below you will find the "Flow Control" campaigns settings for Repeat:

  • Repeat from
    • Start of Campaign
    • Branch

Repeating is especially helpful if you want the Campaign to restart from the beginning. This allows your Campaign to run in a loop and repeat once it has completed all of its steps.

Example campaign: Long term nurturing

In the example below, this long-term nurturing campaign fills the gaps in between your real conversations. 

  1. The Campaign pauses automatically when you’re actively talking so there’s no “crosstalk”.
  2. It looks for new content automatically and makes sure not to send the same content twice (e.g. you go on vacation and don’t update your newsletter).
  3. If new content is available it automatically sends the email when new content is available. 
  4. It restarts from the top once all steps have been completed. 

Repeat Campaign "Flow" Settings.

Tap on the + icon and select Repeat.

Repeat From Start of Campaign or Branch

Repeating will always wait until the next day to start over, to avoid a storm of messages being sent. Set "Campaign" to repeat the Campaign from the top once all steps have been completed. Set Branch to repeat a specific branch.

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