How do I add a video from YouTube, Vimeo, or BombBomb to a Marketing Email?

Note: The Marketing Email feature is included as part of the Cloze Business Platinum Plan.

Within a section, you can easily add content to the existing layout. For example, if you have a full-width section tap on the + icon to add content. If you need a new layout, you can add another section. 

Add Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and BombBomb 

Tap on the add content + icon and then scroll down the menu and select YouTube, Vimeo, or BombBomb from the menu. In the pop-up menu paste the video-sharing link of your video. 

1.) Tap on the + icon to add your video. 

2.) Paste the sharing link in pop-up box and tap on insert to embed the video.



After you insert the video Cloze will automatically add a thumbnail graphic and play button. 


With your BombBomb account connected to Cloze, you can record and send video messages via email and text. You can also add BombBomb videos to templates. Please connect your BombBomb account to Cloze before inserting a BombBomb video. 

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