How do I organize templates in the Library?

Whether you are creating a simple template for yourself or designing beautiful marketing emails for your team, the Cloze Library gives you one place to go for all of your content organized in one place. 

Centralize all of your templates in one place

If you are the Administrator of a team or assigned the proper Cloze Role and are using the Cloze Silver, Gold, or Platinum Plan you can share templates with your team. 

You can use the Library to share your best content and templates with your entire team to ensure consistent communication and avoid team members needing to create their own content from scratch. 

 Your templates are organized automatically by type:

  • New and Noteworthy 
    • Featured - templates you tag as #featured
    • Recent Content - newly updated templates
  • Content - all of your templates, organized by the categories you create
  • Campaigns - all campaigns
  • Built-in - default templates included with Cloze
  • Building Blocks - templates that you can embed in other templates. 
  • Assist and Custom Fields - templates tied to assists and custom fields
  • Next Steps - templates tied to steps
  • Tags - templates organized with tags

And you can use both categories and tags to further organize:

When editing or creating a template you can set or create a custom category and add tags. 

Organize your templates with Categories:

Create new categories by scrolling to the bottom of the menu.

Templates organized in a single category are grouped together.

Organize across categories with Tag

While Categories are like a folder that contains a group of templates, Tags can span many different Categories. You can apply as many Tags as you would like to organize your templates. 

Templates are grouped by tag name at the bottom of the Library. 

You can easily find templates based on a tag by simply entering the # hashtag symbol followed by the tag name. 

Featuring a template

To bring attention to a template you can feature it at the top of your Library. Simply add the #featured tag, to also display the template in the Featured Category. 

Recent Content

The ten most recently edited templates will appear in the Recent Content Category. 

Bulk adding tags

You can select many templates at once to recategorize templates or add tags or remove tags. 

Team Libraries

At the highest level, all of your templates are organized into Libraries.

Published templates can be placed in three different types of Libraries:
  • My Library - is your personal library (only you can see templates in this library) 
  • Your team library (Staging) - staging is only visible to people with permission to see it
  • Your team library - visible to everyone on your team
  • Cloze Built-in - default templates included with your Cloze account

Team Library templates are read-only by default for the rest of your team. Team members can copy team templates and then personalize them to their own needs. As an Administrator or team member with the appropriate Cloze role, you can share or edit team library templates. 

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to share templates with your team

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