How do I add a gradient to an image?

When overlaying text on an image it can be helpful to add a gradient to make the text stand out more clearly. You can add a darker or lighter gradient from the top or bottom.  

Within a section, you can easily add content to the existing layout. For example, if you have a full-width section tap on the + icon to add content like an image. If you need a new layout, you can add another section or change the existing layout. 

1.) Tap on the + icon to add an image to your template. 

Tap on the + icon to add content. Scroll down the menu and select Image. 

2.) Insert your image.

You can add an image via a URL, the built-in stock image library, or upload an image. 

3.) On the right side of the screen use the image settings to add the gradient. 
You can set:
  • Top gradient size
  • Bottom gradient size
  • Gradient type (lighter or darker)

In this example, a bottom, darker (75%) gradient is added to make the white text stand out better against the background image. 

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