How do I use Cloze AI to edit an email?

The Cloze Smart Edit feature is included as part of the Cloze Business Platinum Plan

Built into Cloze is Artificial intelligence (AI) that you can use to help you edit email messages. This can be very helpful for simple tasks such as fixing grammar or for changing writing style. For example to make an email sound more professional or more authentic. It's like having an on-demand team of copywriters whenever you'd like to improve on something we've written. 

Cloze includes three primary AI options you can use:

  1. Fixing the grammar or creating a subject line
  2. Editing an email to change the style
  3. Create a response to an email

1.) Select the content you wish to edit using AI.

2.) Tap on the + icon and select Smart Edit.

3.) Select how you would like it edited.


  • Grammar - Fix grammar and spelling
  • Subject - Create a good subject line
Edit For
  • Simplicity - Rewrite for an average reading level
  • Clarity - Rewrite to be more clear and concise
  • Professionalism - Rewrite to sound more professional
  • Authenticity - Rewrite to make it personal and authentic
  • Length - Rewrite to be as short as possible
  • Sales Potential - Rewrite to sell it better
  • Context - Rewrite to include facts and context
Create Response
  • No Thanks - Create a 'no thanks' response
  • Not Interested - Create a 'not interested' response
  • Not Now - Create a 'not now' response

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