How do I reorder the columns on the Activity Leaderboard?

The columns on the activity leaderboard can be reordered in the Activity Measures section of settings. 

1.) Navigate to Cloze settings, by tapping on More and selecting Settings

2.) Scroll down and tap on Activity Measures to expand the section. 

3.) Tap on the gear icon next to the type of measure you wish to reorder.

  • Users - customize measures for leaderboards and activity reports
  • Deals (or Properties or Projects) - Customize measures for Deals (or Properties or Projects)

4.) Drag to reorder the measures to reorder them on the Leaderboard. 

This menu determines the order of the columns on the Leaderboard. 

In this example, Calls Made is in the first position in this menu, and the first column in the Leaderboard. Sent Mail is in the second position in this menu, and the second column in the Headboard.

Drag to reorder the measures as needed. 

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