How do I share a customized report with my team?

You can configure a custom view of any Analytics report and save it. When you save the report you'll see an option to share it with your team. 

1.) First you will create your custom report by filtering the view as needed.

The icons at the top of the report allow you to perform several actions to filter the view:

  • Filter by Stage
  • Filter by Segment
  • Filter by Custom Field
  • Filter by team member (teams only)
  • Filter by Sub Team (teams only)
  • Filter by user tag (leaderboard only)
  • Filter by time scale

Leaderboard filter options:

For reports other than the leaderboard you'll see these filter options: 

Once you have the report filtered to a view you can save it for quick access in the future. 

2.) Copy the customized report by tapping on the copy icon.

3.) Enter the name of your report. 

4.) Select a category or create a new category. 

4.) Share the report with your team. 

5.) Save the custom report. 

The newly shared report will appear in a new category Shared.

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