How do I mark an email, call, or text as an inquiry?

Measures help you track activities in Cloze for reporting and follow-up purposes. For example, it is common to track who has inquired about a specific property. Inquiries are also tracked on the property and in property analytics

Inquiry is a default activity measure that applies to:

  • Calls
  • Texts
  • Inbound email

Any call, text, or inbound email can be classified as an inquired and linked to the appropriate property (in the Re: section). 

Mark an inbound email as an inquiry.

Select the activity measure: Inquiry

Link the property.

Mark a call as an inquiry.

Mark a text as an inquiry.

The inquiries are linked to the property.

You will see inquires in the timeline of the property.

See a summary of all Activity Measures

Scroll down the property to see the summary. 

A summary of inquiries is also tracked in analytics

Active Property Activity Analytics track activity for Properties that are in the Active Stage -- you've won the listing and now have work to sell the listing. Activities like calls, meetings, and emails related to the listing and participants (like clients) are tracked in this report. Learn more here

Send a Mail Merge to follow-up

Following up with people that have inquired about a listing is easy with Cloze's Mail Merge feature.

1.) Select and view the people that have inquired about the property

After you select Recent Inquires, you will see a list of the people on the left side of the screen who have an email, call, or text that is marked as an inquiry and linked to the property (e.g. Re 37 Ocean Ave, Scituate, MA).

2.) Tap on the funnel icon to expand the range. 

3.) Select the day range you wish to see. 

4.) Tap on the checkmark to select and send a Mail Merge email to follow-up. 

5.) Tap on the email icon and select Mail Merge.

6.) Then write an email or select a template and send your email.

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