How do I share templates with a specific team member?

From time-to-time templates need to be designed and shared with only a specific person instead of shared with all team members. 

If you have the appropriate permission to share templates with team members, you will see an option to select one or more templates and share them with a specific team member. When you do share templates with a specific team a new library for the recipient is created called:  Shared With Me.

1.) Navigate to the Library and tap on the checkmark next to the template or templates you wish to share. 

You may select one or more templates to share.  Please note that if you wish to overwrite an existing template (like a Personal Signature) you can only select one template.

2.) Tap on More Options and select Send.

3.) Search and select the team member, set other options, and tap on the Send button.

If you are sharing multiple templates the Send Templates options will look like below:

If you are sending a single template you will be given an option to overwrite a template.

The team member receiving the template will be alerted on their Agenda. 

The first time they are sent a template, they will get a new library created for them called,"Shared With Me".

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