How do I translate a marketing email template?

One-click translation of Marketing Mail

Maintaining templates in multiple languages is time-consuming and error-prone. With Cloze a single template can be translated into multiple languages in a single click. Simply, select the languages and Cloze automatically translates the content all while preserving your formatting and images. 

Built-in translation tools

With Cloze's built-in translation, you can quickly convert your content into multiple languages without the need for external translation tools or services -- enabling recipients to engage with your messages in their local language. This streamlines the translation process and saves you valuable time and resources. 

Once your content is translated, Cloze provides you with the flexibility to refine and customize it as needed. You can review and edit the translated text, ensuring that the nuances and context of your original message are accurately preserved in the target language. This level of control allows you to maintain a high standard of quality and ensure that your translated content aligns seamlessly with your brand's voice and tone.

One template, many languages 

There is no need to create single-language templates or extra fields to manage different languages. In Cloze all templates, listings, and fields can be managed in multiple languages simultaneously, streamlining content maintenance.

In a single email sent to multiple recipients, Cloze automatically chooses content based on each recipient's locale, guaranteeing that every client receives content in their preferred language.

For example, when sending a newsletter a single email template will dynamically change to display the email body, email subject, custom field content, button labels, and other content in the recipient's preferred language. Cloze will use the country and formatting options set in their Cloze profile to display the translated content. 

How to translate a Cloze marketing email template

1.) Navigate to the Library, select the template you wish to translate, and tap on Edit.

  1. Navigate the Library
  2. Select the template you wish to translate
  3. Tap on Edit

2.) Scroll to the bottom of the template and tap on (...) More Options.

  1. Tap on tap on (...) More Options.
  2. Select Translate All Sections

3.) Select the translation language. 

In this example, EspaƱol is selected and the template is automatically translated. 

After your content is translated, we recommend that you make adjustments as needed. For example, some text may need to be resized to fit properly or the automatic translation may need to be refined. 

4.) Preview the template in each language. 

  1. Tap on the Review button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the language you wish to preview. 
  3. Send a test email. 

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