How do I select all my contacts with a specific tag?

You can select all people that have a specific tag with a single tap. 

1.) Navigate to the People section and select your Audience (select the My People audience to search everyone)

  1. Tap on the Audience menu and select the My People audience.
  2. Search for people with the tag (#sphere-of-influence in this example.
  3. Select the tag from the search results.

2.) Tap on the checkmark at the top of the screen.

There is no need to scroll further down the page. Simply tap on the checkmark at the top of the screen to select all contacts in the audience. 

After you tap on the checkmark you will see the total quantity of contacts selected. 

You can then perform bulk actions as needed. 

  1. Tap on the checkmark.
  2. Select a bulk action.

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