How do I quickly filter by Stage, Segment, or Tag?

With a quick filter, you can set the Stages, Segments, and Tags. Quick filters narrow the results based on each item you select. For example, if you select Hot Seller and the tag #sphere-of-influence only people with the Hot Stage AND the Seller Segment AND the tag #sphere-of-influence are returned in the results. If you only enter the tag Sphere of Influence, only contacts with this tag are returned. 

Tap on the funnel icon to filter the view with Quick Filters.

  1. Stage
  2. Tap on the + next to Segment
  3. Select the Segment
  4. Tag



In this example, we're using the quick filters to filter by Stage and Segment:

  • Stage = Hot
  • Segment = Seller

Only people with both the Hot stage and Seller segment are included in the filtered view. 


You may enter one or more tags to filter the audience. 

By adding tags the results returned will include people that have all of the tags. For example, if you add #sphere-of-influence and #past-client, only people with both of these tags are returned. 

Tip: Any filtered view can be saved as an Audience

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