Must Match All of These Filter

Each selection you make in this filter narrows your results to only people who have all of the values. 

Think of the  Must Match All of These filter as: "AND". 

For example, if you select the Stage Warm and the Segment Buyer and the lead source as Website as filters, the results will only show people that have the Warm Stage, and the Buyer Segment and the lead source, Website. All three criteria must be included to be returned in the filter results.  

  • About - First Name, Last Name, Birthday, Language, and more
  • Relationship and Tags - Stage, Segment, Tags, and more
  • Communication and Campaigns - First Met, Running Campaigns, and more
  • Contact Type - Organized, Discovered, and more
  • Contact Info - Email Address, Email Domain, and more
  • Custom Fields - Custom fields you have defined

Select as many filter options as you would like. Also, note that you can combine Must Match All of These, with any of the other filters.

  1. Tap on Must Match All of These to expand the section
  2. Tap on the + to add a filter

Tip: The checkmark (✓) adds a filter and the X removes a filter. 

  1. ✓ - Adds a filter
  2. X - Removes a filter

Match All functions as an "And" so as you add criteria it narrows the results.

For example, if you filter by:

  • Stage: Warm
  • Segment: Buyer
  • Custom Field - Lead Source: Website

Only people who have all three items (Warm, Buyer, and Lead Source: Website) will be included in the filtered list.

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