How do I find contacts with campaigns running?

1. Navigate to the People section and tap on the funnel icon. 

  1. Navigate to the People section
  2. Tap on the funnel icon to filter the view

2.) Tap Must Match All of These to expand the section.

  1. Tap on Must Match All of These to expand the section.
  2. Tap on the + to expand Communication and Campaigns.

Tip: The checkmark (✓) adds a filter and the X removes a filter. 

  1. ✓ - Adds a filter
  2. X - Removes a filter

3.) Select Running Campaigns or Finished Campaigns

  1. Running Campaigns - select this option to find people with campaigns that are actively running. 
  2. Finished Campaigns - select the option to find people with campaigns that have finished.

In the example below we are selecting Running Campaigns.

4.) Select the campaign criteria. 

  1. Select Any Value to find people with any campaign running
  2. Scroll down and select a specific campaign name if you are looking for people with a specific campaign running. 

5.) Tap on the confirmation checkmarks or anywhere in the background to see the results. 

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