How do I connect my local MLS to Cloze?

Connecting your local MLS is straightforward, but it does require some paperwork and additional fees to license the feed. 

Because of the licensing paperwork, we will need to work directly with your managing broker or a member of your leadership team who is responsible for MLS feeds.

Here are the steps we will need to work through to connect an MLS feed:
  1. Connect us with your brokerage leadership (if that’s not you!).
  2. We’ll discuss with your brokerage leadership what this MLS will cost.
  3. We’ll work with your brokerage leadership to get MLS approval and verify your membership.
  4. Once approved, we’ll set up MLS billing for the brokerage.
  5. Then you, and other agents in your brokerage will be able to use the MLS with Cloze.
Please reach out to and we’ll get started on the above process.
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