How do I enable AI-generated timeline summaries?

Please note that AI-based timeline summaries are currently in beta. You can enable this beta feature by following the instructions below. 

Cloze uses AI to quickly summarize your recent timeline activity including emails, texts, and notes. Summaries are a helpful way to catch up on where you left off and what you've covered recently. 

Summaries appear just above the timeline. 

Once enabled, summaries are generated automatically and will appear above the timeline. Summaries will update periodically as you continue to interact with the person.

  1. View Summary - Look for the gray box just above the timeline for the AI-generated summary. 
  2. Show Key Takeaways - Tap on Show Key Takeaways to expand the summary to see a bulleted list of key items. 

Enable Summaries

1.) Tap on the More Options menu (...) and select Settings. 

  1. Tap on More in the lower left on your computer ( 
  2. Select Settings

2.) Scroll down to the Assistant section and tap on Smart Suggestions to expand the section.

3.) Toggle on Summaries.

Scroll to the bottom of the Smart Suggestions menu and toggle on (to the right) Summaries

Please note that AI isn't always right - we do our best to try and make sure the summaries are accurate, but you need to double-check the details when it matters.

In the example below, Summaries are enabled and are displayed at the top of all timelines. 

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