Cloze provides several ways to filter and sort your Inbox.

Tap on the Funnel icon and you will see options to filter and sort your Cloze Inbox. 

  1. Type - All email, just unread email messages and just email messages with attachments.
  2. Content - Email account, email, faxes and voicemail (RingCentral only), messages, and social mentions.
  3. Sort - You can sort your Cloze Inbox by Time or Best Relationship. 
Please see below for a description of each type of filtering and sorting. 

Filter by Type


Filter by Content

You can filter your Cloze Inbox by email source. Tap on each email account to show or hide the email from your accounts. 

Your Cloze Inbox can also show social media mentions and direct messages. For example someone mentions you on Twitter or sends you a direct message through Twitter. For RingCentral users you can also see your direct messages, faxes and voicemails. 



Sort Order

Your Inbox can be sorted by Time or Best Relationship. Tap on Time to see your email messages in the order they arrive. Tap on Best Relationship to see email by your most important relationships first regardless of the time they arrive.