Every Project (or Deal) can have a unique Team. Once you have created or joined a Project or Deal you can set how often your interactions (or any new contact information) are shared with the Project Team. The broadcast delay gives you time to flag sensitive messages as private before other Project Team Members see them.

Note: By default Cloze will automatically share after one work day. Every Project can have its own unique broadcast delay setting.

SET YOUR DEFAULT BROADCAST DELAY ➜ You can adjust your Default Broadcast Delay in the App Settings section and tap on Sharing to expand the section. 

You can set your broadcast delay to:

  • Immediately - share new interactions and contacts as they are available.
  • After 4 work hours - share new interactions and contacts after 4 work hours.
  • After 1 work day - share new interactions and contacts after 1 work day
  • Manual - only share when you choose to share.

1.) To change you broadcast delay on any Project (or Deal) tap on Privacy Settings.

2.) In the Share New Content section you can set your broadcast delay. Tap on Save when you are done.