On each contact profile there is a Relationship Strength section that includes a Cloze Score. Cloze analyzes your email, calendar, mobile phone call history and social feeds to find out who matters to you, giving each one of your contacts a Cloze Score. The Cloze Score is a measure of relationship quality from 0-100.

You can manually adjust this score using the slider. 

If this contact is someone that is important, but a new and growing relationship or someone that you interact with mostly offline, you can adjust their score higher so their content is pushed ahead of others.  

To adjust the score goal:

  • Tap on any contact photo to open their contact profile
  • Look for the Relationship Strength section on the lower right side on cloze.com and tablet or in the About section on mobile.
  • Drag the slider as necessary. A higher number will push their importance up in priority. A lower number will push their importance down in priority (zero being the lowest).