You will see email open notifications in several places within Cloze when a recipient opens your email or clicks on any link included in the body of your email.  Please see below for an overview where you will see your email open notifications.


On the Agenda

Tap on the number above "Opened" to see a list of your most recent open notifications.



On your phone as a push notification

Cloze will send you a push notification when you email is opened or a link in the body of the email is clicked. 


On the contact profile in the timeline

For recent email open notifications you'll see green text under the email showing that your email has been opened and the number of times. 


At the bottom of your sent email

You can tap on your sent message and scroll to the bottom to see a block called Open Tracking with a complete history of notifications. 


In the Sent section of Cloze

You can tap on More and select Sent to see your sent emails. The number inside the green dot icon indicates the number of times the email has been opened or a link clicked.