Lead Reporting

Are some of your leads getting lost in the shuffle? Lead Analytics highlight leads that are advancing and those that are going stale. Reports show untouched Leads, Lead source, their age, last contact and Next Steps all in a single view.

People that are classified with the Warm, or Lead, Stage are considered leads. When you move a person from Warm to Hot (Lead to Potential), they are considered qualified. 

Lead Reports are found in the Analytics section of Cloze. You will find three primary sections:

  1. Untouched Leads - leads that you have yet to call, email or have a meeting.
  2. Number of Leads by Age - leads broken down by when they were created (originated). 
  3. Lead Qualification - Lead engagement analytics help you quickly spot the leads that are making progress and those that have stalled. Tap to drill down to see the details of ongoing conversations.

1.) Depending on your customizations, Analytics may be accessible through the More menu (screenshot b) or you will see it directly along the left side of the screen (or along the bottom of the screen on a tablet) (screenshot a). 

2.) Tap the "Your Lead Qualification" report to view the status of your Leads for the current period. 

Lead Engagement Analytics

Cloze analyzes your email, calendar, calls and messages giving each one of your Leads a Cloze Score. The higher the Cloze Score the higher the Lead Engagement.

Tip: The more activity flowing in both directions (from you and back from the Lead) the higher the engagement so you'll need at least a two interactions to the person and two interactions back from them before your Engagement starts to rise. For example if you've emailed the Lead a few times, but she or he hasn't responded then the engagement will still be low. But if you have had several meetings, calls and emails then engagement will be high. 

Please read this report from left to right to follow the flow from origination to qualification. 

  1. 4 Leads have been originated in this quarter.
  2. 8 Leads have been qualified.
  3. 75 Leads have not been qualified.
  4. The more activity flowing in both directions (from you and back from the Lead), the higher the Engagement.

Below the Lead Qualification section you will find a sortable table of your Leads. 

  • Tap on any of the sections in the Lead Qualification diagram to filter the Leads table below. 
  • Sort your Leads by Name, Lead Source, Next Step, Last Touch, Stage, and Age. 
  • Tap on any Lead to drill down to the person's activity timeline and contact profile. 

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