How do I log a postal mailing?

Logging a postal mailing to one or many contacts is very simple.

Log Postal Mail

Logging a handwritten note or card is a great way to keep track of personal outreach.

Tip: If the map icon is grayed out you can edit the contact to add their postal address. Once a postal address is set you can log the postal mail.



Log Postal Mail in Bulk

1.) Search or filter your contacts to find and select the people for whom you wish to log a postal mail. 

2.) Tap on the envelope / mail icon and select Log Postal Mail.


3.) Next, enter the mailing details.


The mailing will show in timeline of each person:


Bulk vs. Personal Mail

If you write a personal note we recommend turning off "Bulk or Marketing Mail". Cloze treats a personal note like other one-to-one activities and updates the "Last Interaction" date.

This will also reset your keep-in-touch cycle like an email or call would. 

Toggling on "Bulk or Marketing Mail" will not update the "Last Interaction" date or change the keep-in-touch reminder cycle. 




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