How do I delete a contact?

Instead of deleting contacts, Cloze now offers the ability to archive contacts instead. We highly recommend archiving contacts rather than deleting them. This is especially helpful if you no longer wish to see the contact in Cloze, but the same contact exists in other systems like your Google Contacts or mobile phone contacts. Once archived, the contact will no longer appear in your My People view. 

Before deleting contacts, you must archive them. Once archived you can then delete them. Only contacts that are Past, Lost, or without a stage can be archived.

There are a few ways to delete a contact in Cloze: 

  1. On the People screen, you can select one or multiple contacts and then archive and delete them.  
  2. You can archive and delete a single contact by tapping on Edit on the contact profile and then archive, and then delete.

Note: Cloze automatically creates contact profiles based on your interactions. If you continue to interact with someone Cloze will re-create their contact profile, even if it has previously been deleted. 

Archive and then delete multiple contacts in bulk from the People section 

1.) From the people screen, select the contacts you wish to delete and then tap on the archive icon. 

A few notes about archiving contacts:

  • Contacts that are in the Lead (or Warm), Potential (or Hot), or Active (or In Contract) Stage cannot be archived until you change the stage or remove it
  • Contacts that are assigned cannot be archived until the assignee is removed
  • You can archive contacts with no Stage set or the Inactive (Past) or Lost Stage set

2.) Switch to the Archived Audience.

3.) Select the archived contacts you wish to delete and then tap on the trashcan icon. Archive and then delete a single contact 

1.) Tap on Edit in the contact profile and then tap on the Archive button. 

2.) Tap on Edit again and then tap on the Delete button. 

3.) Tap on the Delete button. 

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