How do I archive a contact?

If you no longer wish to see a contact in your primary audiences you can archive it. Archiving a contact retains the contact information and your activity with them, but removes the person from your primary audiences.  

Once archived, you will find these contacts in another audience called "Archived People". 

A few notes about archiving contacts:

  • Contacts that are in the Lead (or Warm), Potential (or Hot), or Active (or In Contract) Stage cannot be archived until you change the stage or remove it
  • Contacts that are assigned cannot be archived until the assignee is removed
  • You can archive contacts with no Stage set or the Inactive (Past) or Lost Stage set
  • Archived contacts can be unarchived at any time. 
  • If you manually archive a contact, it can be unarchived by: 
    1. manually unarchiving it, or 
    2. setting a Lead (Warm), Potential (Hot), or Active (In Contract) Stage, or 
    3. assigning it to someone

Bulk Archiving Contacts

Select the contacts you wish to archive and tap on the archive icon.

Tap on the Archive button to confirm. 

Archive a single contact

Tap on edit next to the person's name.

Tap on the Archive button and confirm. 

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