How do I create a Tag?

Tagging lets you label contacts based on data you know about them. Tags are highly customizable, so you can create and assign them as you see fit.

Using Tags

Tags are like labels that allow you to organize People, Companies, Projects, Properties, and Deals. They are helpful when you are trying to organize People or Projects that span different Segments and want to share this classification with your team on Cloze.

For example a Tag that tracks attendance at a trade show like "Mobile-World-Congress-2019" could be used for both Customers and Partners. You can search by entering a hashtag before the tag: #mobile-world-congress-2019. Or if you wanted to organize all the people you wish to send a holiday card you could add the Tag #holiday-card. 

As a first step to using Tags you'll need to add a Tag to a contact. Please see below for instructions on how to create new Tag. 

Tags can be added in bulk to many contacts at once while importing a spreadsheet or can be added in bulk on the People screen

Creating New Tags

Tags can be created in few places. 

  1. Tap on the More icon while viewing a Person or Company profile
  2. Tap on "Add tags..." just below the name of the Person, Company, Project, Property or Deal
  3. By editing a Person, Company, Project, Property or Deal


Option 1: Tap on the More icon while viewing a Person or Company profile

iPhone and Android phone




Tablet and web (

There are multiple ways you can add Tags while viewing a profile. 


You can also add Tags from the More Options menu. 



Option 2: Edit a Person, Company, Project, Property or Deal


Enter in your Tags for the contact in the field labeled Tags and tap on Save. 


Adding Tags to Projects and Deals



Now you can search for the Person or Project or Deal based on the tags you entered.

Type #[and then your Tag name].

In this example...

#marketing is entered in the search field

Tap on the People section and then enter #[your Tag] in the search box.



Use "or" operators to return people with either Tag.

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