How do I sort contacts by who is new and untouched?

Quickly find newly created contacts with whom you have not talked yet.

The  What's New and Untouched sorting option shows you all of the people who have been newly created in Cloze that you have not yet contacted. 
Use this sort to help you quickly identify new contacts that have synced into Cloze from connected accounts (e.g. Google Contacts, iPhone, or Android Contacts) so you can easily organize them and reach out.

A few tips on the What's New and Untouched sort:

  • Anyone that you've ever had communication with before is filtered out and will not be visible.
  • The ones that remain are sorted by the newest created contact first (to the top of the people section).

For example, you meet someone new and add them as a new contact in your iPhone or Android contacts app and it syncs into Cloze. Because you have not yet emailed, called, texted, or scheduled a meeting with them you'll see this contact in the What's New and Untouched. As soon as you email them or call them they will no longer be visible in this view (because they are no longer "untouched"). 

This view is also helpful if you scan a business card with Evernote and want to find the person you just scanned.

Sort People by What's New and Untouched

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