What are Smart Links?

Smart Links are links that you can insert into emails and your Cloze email signature that allow a recipient to unsubscribe, update their communication preferences, grant you consent to contact them in the future, or give them an option to withdraw this consent. 

There are four Smart Link options that you can use:

  1. Unsubscribe
  2. Update Preferences
  3. Grant Consent
  4. Withdraw Consent

How do I insert a Smart Link into an email?

Inserting a Smart Link is easy. Simply highlight the text you wish to link, tap on the template icon, and select the appropriate Smart Link. 

Insert a Smart Link while composing a new email or template:

Insert a Smart Link into your email signature:


What happens when a user clicks on a Smart Link?

When an email recipient clicks on any of the above links they will be directed to a landing page where they may review their current communication preferences with you. These landing pages have been translated into 30 different languages.  

The recipient's click on your Smart Link will immediately update the Do Not Contact Field and Lawful Basis Field in your Cloze account. Please be sure to enable these fields so they are visible in your Cloze account. 

Smart Link Type Do Not Contact Field Values Updated Lawful Basis Field Values Updated  On Click? 
Unsubscribe Regular Email: No Emails and No Mass Emails
Mail Merge: only sets No Mass Email
Unsets Consent Field  Yes
Update Preferences

Regular Email: Recipient may set No Emails

Other contact: Recipient may set No Contact (at all) 

Recipient may set or unset Consent Field  No
Grant Consent  N/A Sets Consent Field  Yes
Withdraw Consent   No Contact (at all) is set Unsets Consent Field  Yes


Where is this information logged?

When an email recipient clicks on any of the above links or makes changes on a landing page their changes will be recorded in their profile in your Cloze account.

To see these changes you will need to enable two Custom Fields in Settings. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to enable these Custom Fields to help you comply with the GDPR and other regulations:

If you do have EU citizen customers you can also enable enforcement of Do Not Contact for anyone that has no Lawful Basis set


You can use the "Unsubscribe" Smart Link to give recipients the ability to opt-out from receiving your emails in the future and comply with laws like CAN-SPAM, Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL), and others. 


Update Preferences

The Update Preferences Smart Link gives recipients the ability to change how they wish you to contact them in the future.

Note: When a recipient clicks on this Smart Link no Cloze fields are updated until the recipient changes their preferences on the landing page. 



Grant Consent

You will need what is called Lawful Basis for the processing of personal information of EU citizens. A great place to start is this guide on consent under the GDPR. And read about some GDPR consent myths as well.  

If you do not have a Lawful Basis for contacting a person under the GDPR or are unsure then you will need gain their consent with a re-permission campaign. Without the proper consent you will no longer be able to contact them in the future. 

 A re-permission email may look like this:


Withdraw Consent

You may wish to also use the "Withdraw Consent" Smart Link to give recipients the ability to fully withdraw their consent. When clicked this will remove all consent to contact them in the future by any means.


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