How do I create a new email template?

Any time you find yourself typing the same message over and over, you should create a template. Cloze includes several different templates to get you started, but you can customize them to your personal needs. 
You can use a template for entire emails or use snippets to assemble a complete email. 

Email templates can be created in two primary ways:
  1. Within the email composer
  2. In the Template Library

Create a new template in the email composer

While using an existing template you can make your changes and then create a new template without leaving the email composer. 

1.) To create a new template simply compose your email like any other email message. Then tap on the template icon (stacked paper icon) along the bottom of the email composer.

2.) Tap on the "Create" button to save your template.


  • Cut and paste as plain text - If you are cutting and pasting content into Cloze it is recommended that you paste as plain text and then use the various options to format your email. This will ensure that your email is formatted correctly on the widest number of email clients.
  • Formatting and images - Cloze offers many formatting options along the bottom of the email composer on (web app) and tablet. Please click here for a full list of formatting options.  
  • Use links instead of attachments - Cloze supports attachments in templates, but instead, we recommend using links to documents (with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc..). With this approach, Cloze will alert you if someone clicks on your link to view the document. 

3.) The next time you need to use this template simply tap on the template icon (stacked paper icon) and then select your template from the list or search for it.

You can also create snippets in the Library to add to your email or template.  

Snippets are small pieces of text or an image or both you can use to create emails quickly. They differ from templates because they can be inserted while composing a new email, within an existing email template, or added to a Next Step.

Create a new personal email template in the Library

You can also create email templates in the Cloze Library. 

1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on

2.) Tap on Template Library.

3.) Tap on the new template icon to create a new template. 

4.) Select Personal Email from the menu.

5.) Create your template and then save it. 

When setting a category you can select from existing categories you have previously created or create a new category. 

6.) Save your template. 

Only Admins or other team members with the appropriate permission

If you are the Cloze Admin for your team (or have the appropriate permissions) you'll also have the option to save a template to a Staging Library or your team's shared library. Members of your team with the appropriate role permission can access and review templates in the staging and team Library. 

Published templates can be placed in three different types of Libraries:

  1. My Library - is your personal library (only you can see templates in this library) 
  2. Your team library (Staging) - staging is only visible to people with permission to see it
  3. Your team library - visible to everyone on your team

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