How do I view team activity for assigned contacts?

As a Cloze Business Admin or Manager you can view the timeline activity for assigned contacts. 

When you setup your Cloze Business account you can invite other members of your organization to join. Both companies and people can be assigned to other members of your organization.

You can assign a person or company to a member of your team and view their activity. 

Note: To see this view you must be assigned the Administrator role or your Cloze Business Administrator must have enabled this access for your company.

1.) To view people or companies that have been assigned navigate to the People or Companies sections and tap on your organization's view.

In this example the organization is named OC Consulting. 


2.) Tap on the funnel icon and then select Assigned to see only the contacts that have been assigned to members of your team. 


3.) From here you can tap on (or search for) any contact to see their activity. Then once you have selected a contact, tap on the organizational view (in this example OC Consulting).

This person is assigned to Alex. All activity between the assigned team member (Alex) and the contact (Lenny) is visible in the organizational view (OC Consulting).

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