To Dos to be Done - Campaign “Wait For” settings

The Cloze Campaigns feature is included as part of the Cloze Business Platinum Plan

There are several types of wait options that can be automated with a Campaign. For example, a Campaign can automatically wait for a pause in the conversation or wait for a fixed amount of time before continuing to the next Campaign step.

Below you will find the "Wait For" campaigns settings for To Dos to be Done:

  • How long to wait
  • When to override

The Wait for To Dos to be Done step is typically used in conjunction with the Add a To Do to Agenda "Take Action" step or series of steps.  

Often times you may have a series of To Dos that need to be executed in parallel (potentially by different people). With a single campaign automation, you can create all of the To Dos and tie them to a single Next Step. The Campaign can then pause (using the  Wait for To Dos to be Done step) and wait until all of the To Dos have been completed before proceeding to the next Campaign step (or ending). 

To Dos to be Done Campaign "Wait For" Settings.

Tap on the + icon and select To Dos to be Done.

How long to wait

This will wait until all To Dos previously added in this campaign have been marked done.

Wait at Most

This setting lets you set how long to wait for all To Dos previously added in this campaign to be completed before proceeding to the next Campaign step. You can pick short wait times (minutes or hours) or long wait times (days or weeks). The Campaign will proceed after the wait time and leave the incomplete To Dos to completed at a later time. 

Set unlimited if you wish to wait until the To Do has been completed before proceeding.

Wait until Work Time

This setting works in conjunction with "Wait at Most". If you set any wait time (other than unlimited) this Campaign Step will wait until Work Time to start. For example, if you set a 4-hour wait time, the waiting will not start until your work hours have begun. Work hours are set in the  Work Week and Locale section of Settings

When to override

Remove incomplete To Dos

After the waiting period has completed you can optionally remove any incomplete To Dos. Or if you leave this option off, the incomplete To Dos will remain to be completed in the future, but won't stop the campaign from proceeded or completing. 

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