How do I test a Campaign?

The Cloze Campaigns feature is included as part of the Cloze Business Platinum Plan

Below you will find tips on how to test your campaigns. We also recommend reviewing these best practices to help avoid any accidental trouble. 

Creating Test Data

The easiest path is to create a Gmail account you can run tests against as a “fake” client. Do not use existing contacts (people you know like friends and family) or your own email accounts.  

With a test Gmail account (e.g., you can then create multiple test contacts:


With Gmail, everything after the plus is ignored – but each one can be treated as a unique contact in Cloze – so you can have multiple fake client contacts with which you can test. 

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to manually create a new contact in Cloze.

For testing purposes, each contact should have a unique email address. For example:

  • Sally Test 1 -
  • Sally Test 2 -
  • Dave Test 3 -
  • Dave Test 4 -

Once these contacts have been created in Cloze you can then use them for testing your Campaign. 

Manually Triggering Campaigns

In the Template Library, you can manually start any campaign using the gears icon: 

Accelerating Campaigns

You can accelerate campaigns from Active Campaigns by choosing “Resume”, “Run”, or “Skip” (depending on the situation).

Tap to see a menu of Campaign options:

  • Resume Campaign
  • Pause Campaign
  • Stop Campaign
  • Skip Current Step
  • View Campaign

Tap on Resume to accelerate the Campaign if it is waiting.

In this test example, the "Daily Matches" Campaign was sent automatically. 

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