How do I unarchive a contact?

Archived contacts are found in an audience called "Archived People".  You can unarchive any of these contacts at any time. 

A few notes about unarchiving contacts:

  • Archived contacts can be unarchived at any time. 
  • If you manually archive a contact, it can be unarchived by: 
    1. manually unarchiving it, or 
    2. setting a Lead (Warm), Potential (Hot), or Active (In Contract) Stage, or 
    3. assigning it to someone

Unarchiving Contacts

1.) Tap on the audience dropdown and select Archived People.  

2.) Search and select the contact or group of contacts you wish to unarchive.

3.) Tap on the unarchive icon.

Changing the Stage to Unarchive Contacts

Setting the Lead, Potential, or Active Stage unarchives the contact automatically. 

In this example, the Ninja Selling Stages are used, but the same action can be used to unarchive the contact -- setting the Warm, Hot, or In Contract Stage unarchives the contact automatically. 

Note in this example the Lost Stage is set. Contacts that are set to Lost can be archived. When someone is moved out of the Lost Stage back to a stage where you are actively working with them they are unarchived.

Assigning to Unarchive Contacts

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