Audiences Overview

With an Audience, you can quickly access groups of contacts without the need to filter each time. You can create custom audiences in several different ways to provide focus and target various subsets of all the people you know. There is no set way to define an audience -- this is completely up to you, but in general, audiences are used to provide more personalized outreach and marketing activities as you can tailor the content for each unique set of people. 

Audiences are dynamic so as you organize your contacts they will be automatically added. For example, an audience defined with Cloze tags will update automatically as these tags are added or removed from contacts. 

Getting Started

Cloze includes both default audiences and custom audiences.

Default Audiences

When you create a Cloze account, we generate two audiences for you and populate them:

  1. My People - this is all of the people Cloze has imported from various connected accounts or Cloze has created automatically
  2. My Focus (or My Sphere) - this view is designed to give you more focus by only including your key contacts. You can filter out the types of contacts you don't wish to see and include contacts based on various options like Stage, Segment, or Tag.

Creating Custom Audiences

You can create additional custom audiences based on criteria you include (or exclude) like Stages, Segments, tags, and other information like the contact source (e.g. Google Contacts).

To define an audience you'll set what you wish to include: 

  • Imported Contacts (From email accounts, devices, imports, APIs)
  • Organized Contacts (Edited, assigned, tagged, staged, segmented)
  • Assigned to You
  • Stages
  • Segments
  • Custom Fields
  • Accounts (Google, Office 365)
  • Tags
Similarly, you can also set the criteria of contacts you wish to exclude:
  • Not Assigned to You
  • Stages
  • Segments
  • Accounts
  • Tags
Audiences are dynamic so as you add or remove any criteria they will adjust automatically.  

Shared Audiences

If you are part of a team you will see shared two audiences:
  • Shared - This audience is comprised of all of the contacts that have been shared by your team. It is labeled with your team name. 
  • Archived - This audience includes all of the shared contacts that have been archived by members of your team. It is also labeled with your team name. 

Please note that custom audiences are private for each team member and not shared with your team. Custom audiences are designed for individual team member use, and not shareable with the team. 

Other Audiences

Cloze will also create other types of audiences for you automatically.
  • Last People Import - When you import a spreadsheet you will see this audience created to make it easy to reference all of the people you just imported. 
  • Archived People - Cloze automatically creates people from past conversations on email and calendar meetings to save you the time of manually creating contacts.

    In many cases, these are people where there is an ongoing relationship, but in other cases, the person could be CC'd on an email and you never have an interaction with them again. For these scenarios, Cloze will automatically archive contacts to help get them out of your way. You can also archive (or unarchive) someone at any time. 

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