How do I trigger a campaign based on email link clicks?

You can trigger a campaign to start based on the number of clicks a link receives by an email recipient. This can be helpful when prioritizing engagement for follow-up. For example, if a link is clicked two times by a recipient, a campaign could be triggered to set a to-do on the Agenda to follow up with a phone call. 

1.) Highlight the text you wish to link to a webpage and then tap on the link icon.

 2.) Add the link and set the campaign. 

Use the create link settings to set how your campaign will trigger:

  • Enter webpage URL
  • Optional set a reporting label that will appear in Analytics 
  • Set the campaign you wish to trigger when the number of clicks is reached
  • Set home manage clicks will trigger the campaign

In this example, the link is set to trigger a campaign automation that creates a To-Do on the Agenda if there are two clicks on the link. 

3.) Send your email or Mail Merge.

Any time a recipient clicks two or more times on the link the campaign will trigger. 

Campaigns can be triggered from link clicks in marketing email too.

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