How do I customize the Agenda?

You can customize the Agenda in many ways.  

Tap on the funnel icon to customize the Agenda

Scroll down the menu to make adjustments. You can change how items are grouped and organized, and hide sections you don't wish to see. 

Group by Time of Day

Instead of grouping items that are the same, you can switch to the time of day to show all of the things due at a specific time. Tap on the funnel icon to change the Agenda view to group by the time of day. 

Future Agenda Items 

Toggle on to change the Next 7 Days and Upcoming sections of the Agenda.

Today's Agenda Items 

Toggle on to change the Today section of the Agenda.

Past Agenda Items 

Toggle on to change the Past Due and Follow Up sections of the Agenda. 

Group by Type

You can also group your To Dos and Next Steps by Type so that Calls, Emails, and Texts are grouped together.

Customize what is visible on the Agenda

Toggle on or off any of the items below to control what is visible on your Agenda. Scroll down to toggle on or off.

Cleared Items

  • Cleared Calls and Meetings

Notifications Sections

  • Alerts
  • New Leads
  • Opened Mail

Contact Sections

  • Accept Contact Updates - Tip: Instead of hiding this section, you can enable contacts to be accepted automatically. Here are step-by-step instructions.
  • Campaign Activity
  • Important Dates
  • Keep in Touch

Content Section

  • Calls to Make
  • Current Meetings
  • Emails to send
  • Finished calls
  • Finished meetings
  • Important messages
  • Invitations
  • Meetings
  • Meetings to reconfirm
  • Saved
  • Tasks to complete
  • To Dos and Next steps
  • Unread Mail

Meetings without attendees or you

  • Upcoming without attendees
  • Finished without attendees
  • Meetings you have declined

Sort to bottom of today

  • Opened Mail
  • Unread Mail

Include in Summary Count

  • Opened Mail
  • Unread Mail
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