How do I overlay text on an image?

You can overlay text on an image to create a more interesting and unique design. The text can be positioned in a number of ways and optionally animated.

When overlaying text on an image it can be helpful to add a gradient to make the text stand out more clearly. You can add a darker or lighter gradient from the top or bottom.  

Within a section, you can easily add content to the existing layout. For example, if you have a full-width section tap on the + icon to add content like an image. If you need a new layout, you can add another section or change the existing layout. 

1.) Tap on the + icon to add an image to your template. 

Tap on the + icon to add content. Scroll down the menu and select Image. 

2.) Insert your image.

You can add an image via a URL, the built-in stock image library, or upload an image. 

3.) On the right side of the screen use the image settings to overlay text on an image.  

There are two overlay text sections that can be used in combination when positioning and animating the text on an image. 
You can set:
  • x position
  • y position
  • Font size
  • Italic

Use the controls to position the text, adjust the font size and color, and more. 

The video below walks through adding, positioning, and sizing text on an image. 

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