How to Turn Off Creating Contacts Automatically

A key advantage of Cloze is that you never need to create contacts manually or log your activity with them -- it's all automatic. If you would like a bit more control, we have an option to turn off automatic contact creation. In this mode, Cloze will keep track of the contacts it discovers, but won’t automatically add them to your contacts. You can pick and choose the ones you want to formally organize and manage.

Cloze can automatically create contacts for people you regularly interact with and display them in the My People audience. You can turn this setting on and off. 

When create contacts automatically is off...

  • the My People audience will only include people imported from other services like (Google Contacts, Outlook contacts, iPhone Contacts, etc..), you have organized in Cloze with a Tag, Segment, or Stage, or you imported via a spreadsheet. 
  • you'll see another audience called Discovered People. The Discovered People audience includes contacts that Cloze has created automatically.  

How to toggle this setting ON or OFF.

1.) Tap on More.

2.) Tap on Settings.

3.) Scroll down to Smart Suggestions.

4.) Tap on "Create contacts automatically." If the slide is to the right (green), Cloze will create contacts automatically. If it is to the left (white), Cloze will not create contacts automatically. 

If the Create Contacts Automatically toggle is ON. 

If you have the setting to create contacts automatically ON, this means that Cloze will create contacts automatically from the people with whom you interact on email or calendar meetings add show them in the People section under the audience My People. This is helpful because you never need to spend time manually creating contacts.   

It is important to note that if you are only CC'd or BCC'd and never interact with a person again Cloze will automatically move this person to the Archived People audience. Only people with whom you consistently interact will be created automatically. You can archive a contact at any time by following these instructions.  

With Create Contacts Automatically ON, the  My People Audience includes both created contacts and discovered people:

  • Created contacts (contacts that are a contact in an address book, have been organized [a tag, segment or stage], or that were imported) and 
  • Discovered people which are people who you do not have as a contact in your address books, have not organized in Cloze in any way, or imported into Cloze. 

If the Create Contacts Automatically toggle is OFF. 

If you prefer to keep the Discovered People as a separate audience from My People, you have the option to toggle this setting OFF. This provides more control over the people you add to the My People audience. 

With Create Contacts Automatically OFF there are two audiences: 

  • My People Audience will only contain created contacts, contacts that are a contact in an address book, have been organized (a tag, segment, or stage), or that were imported. 
  • Discovered People Audience will contain discovered contacts with whom you have interacted a number of times (but just never added to your contacts, classified with a tag, stage, or segment, etc.) and temporarily people that are "one and done" (they emailed you and you chose not to respond -- this later group will be archived automatically). 

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