Campaign History Analytics

Campaign Analytics help you understand the status of actively running campaigns and the outcome of past campaigns. Cloze includes two types of campaign analytics:

  1. Campaign History Analytics (see below for more details)
  2. Running Campaigns Analytics

1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on

Please note that depending on your display customization you may see analytics in the left-hand menu or need to tap on More and select Analytics from the menu. 

  1. Tap on More.
  2. Tap on Analytics.

2.) Select your analytics or your organization's analytics section, tap on Campaigns to expand the section, and select Campaign History.

Campaign history is available in My Analytics and for your organization / team (if you have the appropriate role to see this information for your organization). 

  1. Tap on My Analytics to expand the section or scroll down further and tap on your organization's name (in this example: Wellesley Realty) to expand the Analytics section.
  2. Tap on Campaigns to expand the section.
  3. Tap on Campaign History.

Campaign History

There are several ways to explore and customize the campaign information.

  1. Set the timescale
  2. Show for specific team members
  3. Export
  4. Copy the current view (save with a custom report name for later)
  5. Set table columns

Set the timescale
  1. Tap on the calendar icon
  2. Set the period

Show for specific team members
  1. Tap on the badge icon
  2. Scroll down and select a team member

  1. Tap on the box/arrow icon
  2. Scroll down and select a team member

Make a copy (save the current view as a custom view) 

  1. Tap on the copy icon
  2. Enter the report name
  3. Enter the sub-title name
  4. Select a category
  5. Share with your organization/team (optional)
  6. Save the custom view

Campaign History: Table of Campaigns
  1. Tap on the campaign name to view the campaign in the Library.
  2. Tap on the column header to change the sort order
  3. Tap on the gear to select table columns.

Select Table Columns

  1. Tap on the gear
  2. Select the columns you wish to appear

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