Cloze automatically prompts you with suggested actions or “Assists” (as we call them) that make reaching out to your contacts easy using a pre-defined email template. 
Tap on any meeting or swipe to the right on your mobile device to send these email templates. Below is a list of assists and their associated email templates for meetings:
  • Reconfirm - this assist and template is available before any upcoming meeting on your Agenda. This assist will be displayed two business days before the meeting up to one hour before meeting, unless you’ve interacted with the participants in the last day.
  • I’m Late - use this template after your meeting has started, but when you are running late. This will display from one hour before to start of meeting.
  • You’re Late - use this assist and template after your meeting has started, but your attendee(s) is running late. This “Are you running late?” assist is available from the start of a meeting to half way through the meeting.
  • Follow-up - use this assist and template after your meeting to send a follow-up note. From half way through the meeting and for two business days we keep a “Follow Up” assist in place.
Note that meeting assists only apply to meetings that: (1) have less that 5 participants and (2) have participants outside your own company.

In the example below, Cloze is diplaying an assist to reconfirm an upcoming meeting.



Swipe to the right and you’ll see “Reconfirm” - this will trigger your reconfirm email template.



You may also customize any of the above templates. Click here to learn how to customize email templates.