How does Cloze help me to keep in touch with my contacts?

Cloze has three types of keep in touch reminders that you will see on the Agenda screen:

  • Automatic. Cloze will automatically surface people you haven't talked to recently that might still be important to keep in touch with.
  • Recurring. Cloze reminds you when you haven't talked to a Customer or Prospect recently. 
    • Go to More → Settings → Keep In Touch to change how often you're reminded for Customers and Prospects. 
    • You can adjust your settings for all Segments (Customers, Partners etc..) in More → Settings → Customizations. More details are available here.
  • Planned. You can schedule a reminder for any contact right from their profile. Go to the To Do tab and choose Add To Do to keep in touch.

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Keep in touch Assists:

Cloze also automatically prompts you with suggested actions or “Assists” (as we call them) that make reaching out to your contacts easy using a pre-defined email template. 

Tap on any Reminder or swipe to the right on your mobile device to send these email templates. Below is a list of assists and their associated email templates for keep in touch reminders: 
  • Check-in - when Cloze prompts you to get back in touch with someone, use this template to reach out with just a couple of taps.
  • Blast from the past - when Cloze reminds you about a contact that used to be important to you, but you have fallen out of touch with recently, use this template to rekindle your relationship. 

When you see any of these prompts, tap on the reminder to see where you left off. You can also swipe to the right to snooze the reminder or reach out. 

On iPhone and Android Phone:

On Tablet and web (

Cloze includes a quick way to reach out with a pre-defined template.

All email templates can be customized too. Click here to learn how

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