What contact sorting options are available in Cloze?

Cloze offers several different sorting options to help you focus on specific groups of people. 

You can Filter by...

  • Relationship Stage (Lead/Warm, Potential/Hot, Active/In Contract, Inactive/Past/Closed, and Lost)

You can Sort by...

  • Best Relationship
  • When You First Met
  • When You Last Talked 
  • When You Went Quiet
  • When They Went Quiet
  • When it was assigned (Cloze Business teams)
  • What's Due Next
  • What's Past Due
  • What's New and Untouched
  • Upcoming Birthdays
  • Next Step
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Contacts you may want to classify
  • Distance

New Design

You can enable the new Cloze design in Settings.

1.) Navigate to the People section.

2.) Optional: Tap on the Audience menu and 3.) Select your Audience. 

Steps 2 and 3 are optional. Anytime you are filtering or sorting we recommend double-checking your audience selection. The My People Audience includes all of your contacts.

4.) Tap on the funnel icon. 

5.) Tap on the Sort By menu.

6.) Scroll down the menu and select the sort order you wish. 

Tip: The sort order can be combined with any filter. After selecting, you can tap on the checkmark to view your contacts in the selected sort order. Or you can use the various filter options to refine your view. 

Classic Design

Tip: These Sorts can be used in combination with Type. For example, under the Type tab you could select "Potential Clients" and then on the Sort tab select "When You Went Quiet" to see all of the prospective clients that you haven't talked to recently. 

On the Phone app

On your computer or the tablet app

The Kanban board view also updates when you change the Sort order. 

New Design

You can enable the new Cloze design in Settings.

Tap to view the Kanban board view:

In this example, the view is sorted by Last Interacted and the sort rirection puts contacts you most recently talked to at the top. The red boxes below show when the last interaction occurred. 

Classic Design

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