How do I personalize each Mail Merge message before sending?

Note: Advanced Mail Merge features (see Smart Templates) are only available in the Platinum plan.

Cloze is designed to let you communicate at scale with your real email while maintaining the one-to-one, personal touch of each relationship.

With Cloze's Mail Merge feature, you can email multiple people at once but in a personalized manner. Each recipient receives their own copy of the email with their own unique greeting.

Cloze Smart Templates lets you take this personalization a step further and customize each message uniquely for each recipient. 

You will start by composing the base message you want to send to everyone, optionally you can personalize it for each contact, and then tap on the Review button to send your email to each recipient.

A personalized greeting is automatically included for each recipient.

No one is BCC'd. Each person receives their own unique email. Each person will not see the other recipients. 

1.) Go to the People section and select the contacts you wish to email by tapping on the checkmark next to each of their names. 

TIP: You can email as many as 500 contacts at a time. To select many contacts at once, scroll to the end of your filtered/search results and tap on the numbered check mark in the menu along the bottom of the screen. 

Please note that many email providers limit the number of emails you can send per day. For example Google's G Suite limits you to 2,000 emails per day. Consumer Gmail accounts are limited to 500 emails per day. GoDaddy limits sending to 250 emails per day.  Because of these email-provider sending limit restrictions we do not currently support scheduled mail merge emails. 

2.) Tap on the Mail con at the bottom of the screen and then select Mail Merge To from the menu.

3.) The email composer will then show all of the people you have selected in the "To:" line. 

Note: The greeting ("Hi Dana") will rotate through each of the names from the people included in the "To:" line so you can see how it will look for each recipient before you send the email.

4.) Tap on Review to personalize the email message for each recipient.

Use the arrows to advance to the next person.

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