What are Smart Templates?

Note:  Smart Templates and associated advanced custom fields are only available in the Cloze Platinum plan.

Smart Templates encompass a number of ways that you can use conditional content and smart fields to personalize your message content. Unless noted the features are exclusive to the Platinum Plan. 

Use your custom fields in email content

Use merge fields to personalize your emails with content from the recipient's profile in Cloze.

Merge fields allow information to automatically populate ("merge") in an email or email template making your content more relevant to the recipient.

Merge fields may be called, variables, placeholders, or custom fields in other applications, but they are all generally the same. They are information that exists within a Cloze contact profile information that will automatically merge into the email when sent.

The Cloze Pro Plan and above include base merge fields such as Name, Address and Company. Custom Fields, Formatted Fields, Conditionals and Loop Fields are available with the Platinum Plan. 

Learn more about merge fields

Create templates that work in multiple languages

Cloze includes advanced Merge fields that can be combined with conditions like these:

  • if - If a specified field equals a specific value, display some content
  • else if - Or else if a specified field has a specific value, display some other content
  • else - If there is no match in either scenario, display some alternative content

These conditions can then be used to create templates that work in multiple languages. 

For example: 

{% if language == "en" %}
Hello {{first}},
Enter the body of your email here in the local language of the recipient. 

{% else if language == "es" %}
Buenos Dias {{first}},
Ingrese el cuerpo de su correo electrónico aquí en el idioma local del destinatario.

{% else if language == "fr" %}
Bonjour {{first}},
Entrez le corps de votre email ici dans la langue du destinataire.

{% else if language == "it" %}
Buongiorno {{first}},
Inserisci il corpo della tua email qui nella lingua locale del destinatario.

{% else %}
Hi {{first}},
Enter the body of your email here in the local language of the recipient. 

{% end %}


Learn more about creating templates in multiple languages here

Include different text based on the recipient country

Similarly, Conditional Merge Fields can be used to modify the text based on the recipient's country (as stored in Cloze). 

For example:

{% if country == "US" %}
People in the United States will see this text. 

{% else if country == "FR" %}
Les Français verront ce texte.

{% else if country == "IT" %}
Le persone in Italia vedranno questo testo.

{% else if country == "NL" %}
Mensen in Nederland zullen deze tekst zien.

{% else if country == "GR" %}
Οι άνθρωποι στην Ελλάδα θα δουν αυτό το κείμενο.

{% else %}
Everyone else will see this text. 
{% end %}

Learn more about conditional merge fields

Use recipient's date and number formatting for values

Conditional Merge Fields are also available that use the recipient's locale.

Using {% use locale %} will format dates, times, and currency based on the recipient's locale.

Learn more about conditional merge fields

Include different text for any recipients with mail merge

Cloze is designed to let you communicate at scale with your real email while maintaining the one-to-one, personal touch of each relationship.

With Cloze's Mail Merge feature, you can email multiple people at once but in a personalized manner. Each recipient receives their own copy of the email with their own unique greeting.

Cloze Smart Templates lets you take this personalization a step further and customize each message uniquely for each recipient. 

You will start by composing the base message you want to send to everyone, optionally you can personalize it for each contact, and then tap on the Review button to send your email to each recipient.

Learn more about personalizing each Mail Merge message before sending here

Add spouses and other related people to Mail Merge recipients

Using a Cloze reference Custom Field you can link a spouse and children to a person. 

Any person you link in the Spouse or Children fields or other reference fields can then be easily added when sending a Mail Merge email. 

Learn more about adding spouses and other related recipients to Mail Merge emails

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