How do I send a Mail Merge email and include the spouse?

Note: Advanced Mail Merge features (see Smart Templates) are only available in the Platinum plan.

Using a Cloze reference Custom Field you can link a spouse and children to a person. Spouse, Children, and Referred By are default fields included in many of our default configurations (e.g. Real Estate) so you don't need to create them. 

Any person you link in the Spouse or Children fields can then be easily added when sending a Mail Merge email. Below are examples of reference fields:

  1. Spouse - link the spouse of the contact
  2. Children - link one or more children
  3. Referred By - use this field to link the person who referred you to the lead

1.) Select your Mail Merge recipients. 

  1. Navigate to the People section
  2. Filter or search for your contacts (in this example we are searching for contacts with the tag #dog-lover)
  3. Tap on the checkmark along the top of the section to select all contacts
  4. Tap on the bulk action icon (the large checkmark)
  5. Select Mail Merge To

2.) Write your email or select a template.

Tip use Cloze's ChatGPT-powered Ghostwriter AI feature to create a new email in seconds.

  1. Compose your email.
  2. Tap on the lightbulb icon to use Cloze's ChatGPT-powered Ghostwriter AI feature
  3. Tap on the stacked paper icon to use a template. 

3.) Tap on the Send Options menu and select Add Recipients

Please see below for a quick animated video that walks through the steps.

  1. Tap on the Send Options menu.
  2. Select Add Recipients.

4.) Select Spouse.

Any reference field (linked person) can be selected. In this example, Spouse, Children, and Referred By (the person who referred the lead) are available to be added. 

  1. Spouse
  2. Children
  3. Referred By

With Spouse selected, you can then select how you want to include them:

  1. Add to To
  2. Add to Cc
  3. Add to Bcc

The spouse is automatically added to the TO line for each contact where it is available.

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