Search, view, and match real estate MLS listings to your clients

Platinum Feature: MLS connectivity is available with the Cloze Business Platinum Plan; must have a Brokerage Licensing Agreement.

Click here for more details about how to connect your local MLS to Cloze.

Cloze connects to your MLS so you can search, view, and match real estate MLS listings to your clients. MLS feeds may be connected to brokerage and team setups. With support for all the major MLS standards connecting is easy. 

Match Properties to Buyers

In few taps, you can complete a Buyer Profile with your client's preferences and Cloze automatically returns all of the matching listings. 

Match on price, bedrooms, location or any number of custom fields.

Learn more about matching buyers to properties

Send Matching Listings to a Buyer

Cloze makes it easy to send your matched listings in a beautifully formatted email using your real email account. You can add a personalized note and reorder the listings in your email.

And when the buyer opens the email or clicks on the property links you will be instantly notified. 

Learn more about sending matches to a buyer via email

Match Potential Buyers to your Listings

Have a new listing? Cloze will automatically match potential buyers to your listing so you can easily reach out with a Mail Merge email. 

Learn more about matching potential buyers to your listings.

Create Transactions directly from a MLS Listing 

Search your entire local MLS to create transactions in a few taps. All of the listing details are added into Cloze and can easily be linked to buyers or sellers.

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