How do I add a Ghostwriter prompt?

A prompt is a like a shortcut for generating new content with Cloze's ChatGPT-powered Ghostwriter feature. Cloze includes built-in prompts -- you'll see these when you tap on the lightbulb icon:

You can also create your own prompts and share them with your team. 

Instead of the same content being sent out by every person, the marketing team or team leader can create prompts so each member of your team creates their own unique content.

Create and share your own Ghostwriter prompts

You will create Ghostwriter prompts in the Cloze Library.  

1.) Navigate to the Library in the navigation bar or by tapping on More and selecting Library.

On the web app (desktop):

On Mobile:

2.) Tap on the new template icon.

3.) Select Ghostwriter Prompts.

4.) Select Newsletter Prompt or Personal Email Prompt

There are two types of prompts:
  1. Newsletter Prompt - use Ghostwriter to create a newsletter with images and articles
  2. Personal Email Prompt - use Ghostwriter to create a personal email with only text content

5.) Enter a short summary of what you want to say. 

6.) Set the Tone, Language, Length, and Intended Use

  • Tone - set the tone (e.g, authentic, professional, complimentary)
  • Language - pick the preferred language
  • Keep it short - toggle on to generate a short email
  • Intended use - new email or reply

7.) Tap on Test Prompt and Approve.

Feel free to make refinements to your custom topic as needed and then tap on the Test Again button. You may want to tap Test Again a few times to make sure you are getting the results you like. The content will be unique each time but you'll get a feel for what ChatGPT comes back with for the topic. 

8.) After you approve the topic you can name the prompt, select a category and save it to a Library. 

If you are ready to share your prompt, select your team Library. 

The next time you compose an email the new, custom prompt is available.

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