Built-In Notes Overview

Cloze provides three options for Notes:

  1. Evernote - Cloze supports Evernote Basic, Evernote Plus, Evernote Premium, and Evernote Business. More details about using Evernote with Cloze are available here
  2. OneNote - Cloze supports OneNote and OneNote for Office 365. More details about using OneNote with Cloze are available here
  3. Built-in Notes - You can also use our built-in notes option to log notes, calls, and meetings. Built-in notes store your notes within Cloze. If you would like to use Built-In Notes you can get started by enabling Built-In Notes in Settings.

    With Built-in Notes you can:
    - Log call notes in Cloze
    - Log meeting notes in Cloze
    - Create a new note on a person, company, project, or deal
    - Create a to do for a team member in a note

View Notes

Tap on Notes in the contact profile to filter the timeline and see your complete history of notes. 

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