How do I email all of my customers that are part of Projects or Deals?

With Cloze, you can send a personalized email to your customers or any Stage, Segment or custom Cloze List, Project or Deal you choose. In the example below you will see how to send a Mail Merge email to your clients that are involved in Deals. 

1.) Go to the Project (or Deal) section of Cloze and tap on the checkmark next to each Project (or Deal). 

Note: In this example 7 Deals have been selected. Only customers involved in these selected Deals will be included in the Mail Merge email. 

2.) Tap on the Mail icon at the bottom of the screen and then select "Mail Merge To".


3.) The email composer will then show all of the people from your Projects (or Deals) you have selected in the "To:" line. 

Note: The greeting ("Hi Dana") will rotate through each of the names from the people included in the "To:" line so you can see how it will look for the recipient before you send the email.

No one is BCC'd. Each person will receive their own, unique email. They will not see the other recipients


Tap on Review and Send Now to send your email. 


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