Is there a shared view of People for my organization?

When you set up your Cloze Business account you can invite other members of your organization to join. Contacts and other information can then be shared with team members of your organization on Cloze.

Shared team view

When you create a team on Cloze there is a shared team view -- a shared Audience. This shared view allows team members to share contacts and other information like companies and deals with other team members.
Team members can also access contacts, companies, and deals in the shared view.

The Shared view is a unique database.

It contains a copy of…
  • people that have been shared by you and your team members
  • the companies that have been shared 
  • and the deals/projects/properties that have been shared 
  • Whenever you share information with your team you are copying it from your Cloze account to your shared team view. 

The shared view is a  composite.

It is a composite of your information plus the information shared by your team members. 

The Shared view includes…

  • contact information (email, phone, address, etc.) and other key details about the contact like the Stage, Segment, Next Steps, and Tags
  • optionally timeline activity like calls, emails, texts, meetings, files, and notes 

Navigate to the People section to see the shared audience

You will see two views in your People section:

1.) My Audiences: Tap on the Audience menu.

  1. My People audience  -  This is all of the people Cloze has imported from various connected accounts (or optionally can include contacts Cloze has created automatically). 
  2. Custom audiences you have created - You can create additional custom audiences based on criteria you include (or exclude) like Stages, Segments, tags, and other information like the contact source (e.g. Google Contacts). In this example, the custom audience is called Holiday Card
  3. My Focus or My Sphere - This default audience is designed to give you more focus by only including your key contacts. You can filter out the types of contacts you don't wish to see and include contacts based on various options like Stage, Segment, or Tag.

2.) Shared Audiences: Tap on the Audience menu.

  1. The name of your organization (in the example below it is "Wellesley Realty")This audience includes all of the shared contacts that have been archived by members of your team. It is also labeled with your team name. 
  2. Archived contacts - This audience includes all of the shared contacts that have been archived by members of your team. It is also labeled with your team name. 

More details about Audiences can be found here

View Shared Contacts

Note: To see this view you must be assigned the Administrator role or your Cloze Business Administrator must have enabled this access for your Role.

  1. Tap on My People.
  2. Select your team audience name (in this example, Wellesley Realty)

The Kanban board view to the right will show contacts shared by you and your team. You can filter and sort this view as needed. 

You can filter and group the shared people by:

  1. Filter by Segment - View a specific Segment (this will change the columns to Next Steps or Assignees)
  2. Group by Stage, Segment, or Assignee (assigned team member). 
  3. Hide empty columns. 

In the example below the view is filtered by the Segment (Buyers) and Grouped by Assignee (assigned team member).

Sharing contacts with your team

There are three ways to share contacts:

  1. Assigning a contact
  2. Sending a contact
  3. Via a shared Deal

With all three methods, contact information like their email address, phone number, and other details are shared.

Timeline activity remains private until you elect to share it
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