What information is shared when I share a contact with my organization?

A few notes about sharing contacts

  1. When you share people and companies with your organization you are creating a copy of your contacts and adding them to the organizational view.
  2. Contact information labeled personal or private will not be shared.
  3. Assigned people and companies are automatically synced between the assignee and the organization to keep the contact details and other information up to date.

What information is visible in the Shared Audience view?

Relationship Section

Stage, Segment, Next Step, and Assignment for assigned or shared contacts are synced with the shared audience view. 

  • Stage (Lead, Potential, Active, Inactive/Past)
  • Segment (Customer, Partner, Supplier, Buyer, Seller, Renter, etc..)
  • Next Step
  • Assigned To

Custom Fields are shared

All Custom Fields for assigned or shared contacts are synced with the shared audience view. 

Tags are shared

All tags for assigned or shared contacts are synced with the shared audience view. 

Non-personal/private Contact Information

Key contact details for assigned or shared contacts are synced with the shared audience view. 

  • Pictures
  • Headline
  • Work or Other Postal Address
  • Work or Other Phone
  • Work or Other Email Address
  • Websites
  • Social (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc...)

What is information is NOT shared?

  • Contact information that is labeled personal or "home" is never shared.
  • Past contact information that is no longer used.
  • Your timeline of activities (unless shared as part of a Project or Deal)
  • If the person has more than 5 shareable emails, we only share items marked public (for example: "Share this Number" below).
  • We don’t share anything marked private.

How to make contact information private

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